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Lawn Care Services in Montgomery County, MD

Is your lawn full of weeds or yellow dry patches? Are you looking for a locally owned lawn care service to revive it? Look no further than East Coast LawnWe have offered organic lawn care to Montgomery County, Maryland, since 1988. We personalize our lawn care services to fit your yard’s exact needs without breaking the bank.

Organic Lawn Care in Montgomery County, MD

Our lawn treatment plans give you the thick, healthy grass you desire without the pesky weeds. East Coast Lawn offers two options for lawn care services:

  • Maxi-Green Program: Includes seven visits, spring and fall fertilization, pre-emergent weed control, and surface-feeding insect control. Grub proofing is an optional but highly recommended addition to this program.
  • Eco Green Program: Fully organic herbicides for weeds, and organic fertilizations in the spring and fall. No synthetic chemicals!

Lawn Seeding in Montgomery County, MD

All lawns, even healthy, lush ones, should be aerated and seeded every fall. 

Over time, stressful conditions such as excessive heat and drought can cause your grass to thin out or wilt. Yearly seeding can replace any damaged turf and prevent further degradation. 

We provide thorough lawn seeding at a reasonable price. Our services ensure your lawn has the extensive root system it needs to survive year after year. Schedule your estimate today!

Weed & Insect Control in Montgomery, County, MD

Unsightly weeds and creepy bugs can make any yard feel almost unusable. 

Both our Maxi-Green and Eco Green programs offer preventative weed control, killing crabgrass and broadleaf weeds before they sprout. We also offer both traditional and organic insecticide services for your unique lawn needs. 

Whether you’re looking for traditional lawn care or our 100% organic alternative, your yard can be the envy of the neighborhood! Call East Coast Lawn for all your grass, trees, and shrub care needs! 

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