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Grub Proofing Services in MD & VA

Grubs are more than just unpleasant to look at; they can devastate a carefully cultivated lawn. With grub control services from East Coast Lawn, serving Maryland and Virginia, you get a healthy lawn without the hassle of knowing when to spread grub proofing treatments.

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What Are Grubs?

Grubs are the soil-dwelling larvae of various species of hard-shelled beetles, including:

  • Japanese beetles
  • May beetles
  • June beetles
  • European chafers
  • Northern/Southern masked chafers

How Do Grubs Damage My Lawn?

Grubs burrow into the soil beneath your grass, feeding on your turf’s roots. This leaves your grass without the necessary structure to grow and thrive, causing it to die.

Damage from grub feeding can range from mild to severe. It first appears as brown patches of dead grass, usually located in sunny or exposed areas of your lawn. 

If you have a serious grub problem where feeding is heavy, the roots of your lawn are almost completely severed and the sod can be rolled up like a carpet.

How Does Grub Proofing Work?

Grubs can be found underneath dead turf and a few inches deeper. 

Getting rid of the problem requires killing the grubs before they start feeding, but without damaging your lawn.

At East Coast Lawn, we monitor for grubs as part of our proactive approach to lawn care. If we see signs that grubs are attacking your lawn, we apply effective grub control substances that get rid of the grubs but protect your lawn as a whole.

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Great service, lawn looks very good, and my technician, Kevin, is very accommodating.
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