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Professional Broadleaf Weed Control

Lawn Weed Care in MD & VA

Your yard is full of different types of grasses, plants, and weeds. A common type of weed found in Maryland and Virginia lawns is broadleaf weeds, an easily recognizable pest. Broadleaf weeds look different from other grasses, making their identification easier and, with the right methods, can make their control less frustrating.

At East Coast Lawn, our team of lawn care experts can help you identify the type of broadleaf weeds you may be facing, and develop a treatment plan to decrease their spread in your yard.

Types of Broadleaf Weeds

There are two major types of broadleaf weeds: Rosette weeds and creeping weeds.

Each of these categories is determined by their distinct growth patterns.

Rosette Weeds

Weeds that grow from the center of the plant, like flowers, are considered rosette weeds. The leaves radiate from one central point on a short stem that barely rises above soil level. This makes them difficult to pull cleanly from the ground.

Common rosette weeds include dandelions, plantains, and docks.

Creeping Weeds

Creeping weeds are those that grow and sprawl along the surface of the ground. They can create large patches on your lawn, especially if you have several overlapping weeds. As their stems radiate from a central point and hug the ground, they can establish roots at multiple points.

Common creeping weeds include clover, chickweed, and lespedeza.

Control Broadleaf Weeds on Your Lawn

Once you have identified the broadleaf weeds on your lawn, you can better create a plan to control them and help your grass grow and thrive.

Applying pre-emergent control to your lawn can help control many broadleaf weeds. However, this method isn’t effective on all types. Several species of broadleaf weeds germinate and emerge at times of the year when pre-emergent is not active, meaning they will grow even if you’ve taken preventative measures.

Some of the weeds that resist pre-emergent control include:

  • Prostrate knotweed
  • Creeping oxalis
  • Parsley
  • Speedwell
  • Lespedeza

In some cases, the best way to control tough weeds is to apply specialized pre-emergent mixtures directly onto the weeds using a hand can, backpack, or other low-volume sprayer. 

Specialized broadleaf weed killers also can be used, but it may take repeated applications over several growing seasons to completely deplete underground food sources and impact weed growth.

Because broadleaf weed control can be a careful balancing act, many homeowners opt to bring in professional help to develop and execute a weed control strategy.

Professional Broadleaf Weed Control from East Coast Lawn

At East Coast Lawn, our team of lawn care professionals can help you find the right mixture of pre- and post-emergent weed control strategies to give you the thick, healthy lawn you want. We identify the exact types of weeds you have in your lawn, developing a customized plan to stop them in their tracks and prevent any new weeds from popping up.

We consult with you to identify any problem areas on your lawn, then create and execute a targeted plan. All you have to do is enjoy your lawn! Call us today for a consultation!

The service I have received is great and the people are very professional. I highly recommend them if you need work done and great prices call East Coast Lawn.
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