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Now Offering A Natural, Organic Program!
Tree Shrubs Organic Lawn Care, Weed Control, and Crabgrass Control- Montgomery County MD

Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care Services in MD & VA

Organic Tree and Shrub Lawn Care- Maryland

Ornamental trees and shrubs add beauty and luscious greenery to any lawn or garden space. But their upkeep and maintenance can take a lot of work. 

Not to mention the pests and nutrient deficiencies that can kill your expensive trees and shrubs, wasting your hard-earned money.

Let East Coast Lawn do the hard work for you, with our ornamental tree and shrub care program!

Over six visits, we can prevent over 100 different types of insect and disease problems common to Maryland and Virginia. We apply nutrients that your plants need directly to the foliage to ensure their effectiveness. We cover all plant material under 20 feet in height.

Since 1988, our experienced team has been helping homeowners in the DC metro area fall in love with their lawns. We have the expertise needed to revive even the weakest of plants, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your beautiful lawn!

Protect your greenery with East Coast Lawn ornamental tree and shrubbery services! Call now for a consultation.

East Coast Lawn provides excellent professional services at a fair price. It would be difficult to duplicate on your own the quality of work they perform and how beautiful your lawn looks year after year. Everyone who I have worked with at East Coast is always available and ready to answer any questions you may have about your lawn.
Chris Fowler