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Core Aeration & Double Overseeding 

Is your lawn full of weak and yellowing grass? Is it dotted with bare spots where nothing grows? If so, it may be in need of core aeration and overseeding, and East Coast Lawn can help!

Our team has years of experience helping the greater Maryland area achieve beautiful, vibrant, healthy lawns that last for years. Best of all, we offer our services at competitive prices that won’t break the bank.

What Is Core Aeration?

Core aeration is the process of introducing air to the soil of your yard. 

Using a simple machine called an aerator, small sections of the soil (called plugs) are dug up and left on the surface of the yard until they break down. This typically takes a few short weeks.

This process has many benefits for your yard. 

First, it decompacts the soil which allows the roots of the grass to grow deeper and stronger. Second, the holes in the soil let water, fertilizer, and other nutrients enter the deepest level of your yard. 

The holes in the lawn are also great for planting seeds, which is why this process is best completed along with overseeding. 

What Is Double Overseeding?

After the yard is aerated, an abundance of grass seed is added to the existing lawn. This allows new grass to grow in without killing the old grass, so you don’t have to start the lawn from scratch.

Double overseeding, along with the help of additional nutrients provided by the aeration process, creates a thicker, more lush lawn. The abundance of grass creates a stronger root network which eliminates barren spots and provides fierce competition for unwanted weeds. 

This process is best completed in late summer or early fall to give the grass its best chance at thriving. 

Lawn Care Services in Maryland and Virginia

Core aeration and double overseeding can bring new life to your lawn. Let the team at East Coast Lawn do the hard work, so you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful yard! Call us today for a consultation.

East Coast Lawn does a great job with their lawn care service. They tackle most common weeds, but not every type of weed. Their yard aeration and seeding is a good service as well. My lawn doubled in thickness the following year.
Josh P