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Organic Lawn Care Services in Kensington, MD

You want your yard to look great, but you don’t always have the time or expertise to keep it in great shape. That’s where East Coast Lawn can help.

We offer full-service lawn care to homes and businesses in Kensington, Maryland, and the surrounding areas. With over 35 years of experience, we are confident we can diagnose any lawn issues and resolve them. 

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Weed & Crabgrass Control in Kensington, MD

Weeds are not only ugly, but they can also destroy the health of your grass. With the rate that they spread, if you don’t fix the problem early, your whole lawn could be weeds. 

Here at East Coast Lawn, we stop the cycle of propagation at the source. We use only organic, safe products that won’t harm your lawn, your pets, or your family.

Say goodbye to weeds and crabgrass, and say hello to a beautiful healthy lawn! Call now to learn more about our weed control services

Grub & Insect Control in Kensington, MD

Grubs and insects may be little, but the damage they can cause to a healthy yard is massive. 

That’s why we provide a range of proactive grub and insect control services to protect against a number of pests common in Kensington, Maryland. We can rid your lawn of: 

  • Japanese beetles
  • May beetles
  • June beetles
  • European chafers
  • Northern/Southern masked chafers
  • And more!

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Core Aeration & Double Overseeding in Kensington, MD

Is your lawn full of yellow grass? Is it dotted with bare spots where nothing grows? If so, it’s time to call the experts to perform core aeration and double overseeding

This process uses a simple machine to dig up small sections of the soil to allow in sunlight, water, and nutrients. Then, an abundance of grass seed is added to the existing lawn. 

The result is a vibrant, lush, and healthy yard that lasts for years.

Let East Coast Lawn do all the work, so you can sit back and enjoy your yard. Call now!

We have been satisfied customers of East Coast Lawn for six years. When we started, our lawn was 85% weeds, and after 2 years our lawn was full , lush, and mostly weed free. After three years, and ever since, we have had the best lawn on our block! Andy or who ever else performs the service, arrives in the cool of the morning, applies the product evenly, and always leaves a note and further instructions on line regarding the current condition of our lawn, what is being done to improve it, and anything we need to do to enhance the application (such as watering). When I have ever called or emailed with questions or comments, I got a response quickly. I would recommend them to anyone.
Scott Hutchins