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Organic Lawn Care in Herndon, VA

You love a green lawn, but you don’t love spraying chemicals all over your front yard. At East Coast Lawn, we understand that. We are dedicated to providing the highest-quality lawn care products and services while maintaining our promise to sustainable lawn care solutions. We are proud to offer organic lawn care in Herndon, Virginia.

Just because someone says their lawn care services are “organic” doesn’t actually mean they’re committed to protecting the environment and preserving the natural beauty of your landscaping. If you see “organic based” in another company’s advertising, run far away; that phrase usually means they use synthetic pesticides.

On the other hand, our Eco Green Program offers you 100% organic lawn care in every season, so you have a naturally healthy lawn at every stage.

We provide three organic fertilizations annually, one in the spring and two in the fall. Broadleaf weeds are managed with Fiesta, an organic herbicide that provides an overdose of iron to the weed.

Free weed touch-ups are provided between visits as needed.

Tips for Keeping Your Organically Treated Lawn Healthy

  • Aerate & seed in the fall for a healthy base of grass
  • When mowing, use a sharp blade and cut your lawn weekly on the highest mower setting

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Lawn Care Services in Herndon, VA

Your lawn is often one of the first things visitors see when they pull up to your home. You want it to look great, with lush green grass and well-manicured shrubs, but that takes time you just don’t have.

Rather than spend your precious weekends sweating in the sun, let East Coast Lawn handle the tough work so you don’t have to.

We offer a variety of high-quality lawn care services in Herndon, Virginia, giving you the lawn you want with no effort.

Our skilled lawn care specialists can keep your lawn healthy and thriving with:

Core Aeration & Double Overseeding

Open up compacted soil, allowing your lawn to breathe and circulate air for better growth and improved lawn health. We use triple blend turf-type fescue seed and apply it extra thick for a more dense lawn and more extensive root system.

Weed Control

We lay down pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides, as well as keeping your lawn thick and dense to choke out any invading weeds.


From early spring green-up to heavy, root-building treatments in the fall, we use superior fertilizers to keep your lawn looking great.

Grub Proofing & Insect Control

Grubs and insects can destroy all your hard work in your lawn in no time. Keep your turf healthy and thriving with pest monitoring and surface insect control all year round.

Corrective Lime Application

When your soil has a low pH, grass and plants have difficulty absorbing fertilizers. By applying corrective lime, we raise the pH of your soil, allowing your plants to better absorb the nutrients they need.

Humate Soil Conditioning

Instead of spending time and money laying down organic compost, trust us to apply humate soil conditioner. One application of humate provides soil conditioning and microbe stimulation equivalent to ½ inch of high-quality organic compost.

Ready for the best-looking lawn of your life? Call us today for treatment!

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