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Lawn Damage by Pets

No home is complete without a furry friend running around in the yard. You love your pet, but you probably don’t love the messes they create. In fact, lawn damage caused by pets is one of the leading reasons clients call us.

Unfortunately, having a pet can create a lot of problems for the health of your lawn. This can ruin the curb appeal and ultimately lower the resale value of your home.

But the good news is this damage is reversible. Read on to learn about the common lawn problems caused by pets and how to fix them.


Digging is often an instinctual behavior that can be difficult to train away. Sometimes dogs will dig holes to bury something, or they will do it for the sheer joy of tearing up your grass.

How to Prevent Digging Damage 

The best way to prevent digging damage is to keep your pet entertained when he’s outside. You can help him get rid of his extra energy by playing fetch or going for long walks. 

Urine Stains 

Pet urine can turn your grass yellow or brown in small patches. This is because the urine heats up in the sun and burns the grass underneath it. It is also rich in nitrogen, a chemical that is often used as a fertilizer. But when your grass is exposed to too much nitrogen, it can actually be detrimental.

How to Prevent Urine Stains

In extremely hot and dry weather, you can prevent urine stains by watering the area where your pet frequently goes. You can also contain the damage by having a smaller, fenced-in area within your lawn where you train the pet to go. 

Compact Spots 

Pets often explore the same paths when they go outside, visiting their favorite spots in the yard. It’s cute, but over time, these paths can compact the soil, kill the grass, and cause trails of barren dirt. These compact spots are even worse if your pet likes to lay or roll around in the same spot.

How to Prevent Compact Spots 

Maintaining a lush, dense bed of grass is the best way to protect the soil from compacting under the weight of your pet. You can also help by giving your pet a large space to explore, like a park, and burn his energy by throwing a ball. 

Aerating the lawn can reverse the damage of compacted soil. This pokes holes into the lawn where air, sunlight, and water can reach further and stimulate grass growth. 

East Coast Lawn Care in MD & VA

No pet owner should have to choose between their fur baby and a beautiful lawn. With East Coast Lawn, you can maintain a beautiful yard, even with a mischievous pet. 

We provide high-quality lawn care services in Maryland and Virginia. We can undo the damage caused by pets and give your grass the resilience to stay healthy in the future. 

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