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Bare Spots in Your Lawn

Maintaining a lush, healthy, evergreen yard can be hard work. One of the most frustrating conditions you might run into is bare spots throughout your lawn. 

There are many potential causes of bare spots, which makes treatment and prevention even more difficult. Read on to discover what could be causing the bare spots in your lawn, and how you can fix the issue. 

What Causes Bare Spots in the Lawn?

There are a variety of reasons your lawn may see bald or bare spots, including:

  • Heavy foot traffic: People and pets walking over the same area over and over again can damage the grass and compact the soil. This establishes a path and prevents new grass from growing in the area. Resolve this issue by creating a more convenient path, or covering the bare spots with stepping stones. 
  • Erosion: Much like foot traffic, water pouring down the same spot over and over can cause the grass to wear away. This might be the case if the bare spots are located near gutter downspouts, ditches, or areas sloped downhill.
  • Insects & grubs: One of the most notorious causes of lawn issues is insect and grub infestation. Many bugs lay larvae under the soil, and these grubs eat the roots of your grass until it’s dead. You can tell this is the cause if the dead patch lifts easily from the soil underneath. 
  • Fungal disease: Similarly, fungal diseases can be a silent killer of East Coast lawns. You might notice the fungi in the form of a white, web-like substance spreading across your grass. 
  • Chemical burn: Spilled chemicals, such as gasoline, are another common cause of bare spots. If you spill something on your lawn, thoroughly wash the chemicals away with water before it kills a huge patch of your lawn.
  • Incorrect fertilization: Grass can die if it doesn’t receive enough fertilizer. On the other hand, it can also die if it receives too much fertilizer. Be careful when fertilizing your lawn, and follow the advice of the professionals before you apply any lawn care substances. 
  • Heat & drought: Finally, excessive heat and a lack of water can kill the grass in certain areas. This is especially common during dry summers. An effective sprinkler system can easily fix this problem. 

How to Get Rid of Bare Spots in Your Lawn

The process of getting rid of bare spots depends on what caused them. For example, a fungal or insect infestation will likely need to be cured by professional lawn care services. They will use preventative insecticides at specific times of the year to protect your lawn from grub infestation. 

On the other hand, chemical burns and fertilization issues can easily be solved on your own. You will likely need to dig up the bare spot as deep as the damage extends. Add more dirt if necessary, and overseed the area with grass seeds. 

Water damaged spots regularly, and be careful not to over-fertilize. In a few weeks, you should notice new grass growth. If not, it’s possible something more serious is causing the damage. 

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