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Front Yard- Grass- Lawn Care Service Packages Maryland

Lawn Care Programs

Two Programs to Choose From

Are you looking for lawn care? Whether you choose our Establishment/Shady Lawn Program or our Maxi-Green Program, you can rest assured that we’ll be providing the foundation necessary for thick, healthy turf year-round. Automatic treatments at the right times will deliver a beautiful lawn that is less susceptible to damage from insect pests and diseases.

Establishment/Shady Lawn Program (Seven Visits, Plus Two Aeration and Seedings)

This is our most complete program, designed for lawns that are in full sun but in poor shape, or have heavy to moderate shade. Core aeration and double overseeding will be performed twice annually in the spring and fall. Sunny lawns in poor shape will “graduate” to one of our less-intensive programs, while shady lawns will always need the extra care this program provides. Please allow two years for this program to fill in and beautify your lawn. As always, you’ll need to follow our watering and mowing suggestions for best results.

Maxi-Green Program (Seven Visits with Optional Grub Proofing)

This is our most popular maintenance program, providing all of the basics for an economical, weed-free lawn. Fertilization in the spring and fall are included, along with pre-emergent crabgrass control, broadleaf weed control and surface-feeding insect control. Grub proofing can be added and is highly recommended.

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I’ve been a customer of East Coast Lawn since FOREVER. They are awesome!
Cynthia C.Montgomery Villiage, MD