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One of the most frustrating weeds that can ruin the aesthetic appeal of your lawn is known as crabgrass. Not only is this summer weed unsightly, but it is also invasive and aggressively competitive, often to the detriment of your lawn

You may notice crabgrass appearing in the late spring, particularly in thin and bare areas like the walkway. Despite living for just one season, each crabgrass sprout will produce up to 150,000 seeds to secure its chances of germinating year after year. 

Preventing and controlling the spread of crabgrass can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Arming yourself with information and investing in pre-emergent weed control can help you grow a beautiful lawn free of crabgrass.

How to Identify Crabgrass

Crabgrass is biologically similar to turf grass, but its appearance is distinct. 

It can be identified by the way the stems grow out instead of upward, like a bunch of spindly crab legs. You will also notice it grows much faster than the surrounding area.

The leaves are also typically lighter and wider than regular grass, and it’s tough stems can be pokey to step on with bare feet.

The most common area for crabgrass to grow is along sidewalks, driveways, and shrub bed borders. But because of their aggressive seed dispersal, it won’t take long for these weeds to spread into the middle of an otherwise healthy lawn.

What Causes Crabgrass

A variety of factors can cause crabgrass to take hold of your yard and pathways.

As explained above, crabgrass thrives primarily in thin and bare areas like in the cracks of walkways. Similarly, cutting your grass too short can create the perfect conditions for this weed to spread.

They are also common in lawns that are under stress from heat, humidity, and excessive rain. This is especially common here on the East Coast due to the many warm thunderstorms we receive every year.

Professional Weed Control Services in MD & VA

Crabgrass is a notoriously difficult weed to exterminate. Pulling the visible stems is often not enough to kill the plant, as the roots will still survive. 

Crabgrass herbicides are available if you plan to DIY your weed control, but be warned that these products can sometimes be dangerous to healthy turf grass as well. For guaranteed results, it is a good idea to consult the professionals.

For the best preventive weed control services in Maryland and Virginia, call East Coast Lawn! We offer high quality lawn care services that will keep your yard healthy and beautiful all year long. 

We apply our pre-emergent crabgrass control in early spring, before the summer heat. This fertilizer blend replenishes the nutrients that may have been lost in your lawn over the winter months, while the weed control prevents early weeds from germinating. When followed by a focused lawn care plan during the summer months, you can guarantee the crabgrass will be banished once and for all.

Say goodbye to crabgrass, and say hello to East Coast Lawn! Call now to learn more. 

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