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Lawn Care Services

East Coast Lawn offers excellent lawn care services in Frederick, Gaithersburg, and the surrounding areas. We take the work and worry out of having a lush, green lawn. Take a look at the additional options we offer listed below:

Organic Natural Lawn Care- MD & Northern VACore Aeration and Double Overseeding

This service should be considered yearly. It opens up compacted soil, which allows your lawn to breathe and absorb nutrients and water. We use a triple blend of turf-type tall fescue seed, blended specifically for this region and applied at 8 to 10 pounds per 1,000 square feet. This service helps to create a healthier, thicker lawn and a more expansive root system.

There is no need to rake/remove cores or dead/loose grass left on the lawn. Cores and thatch will disperse after a few weeks.

Weed Control

We’ll put down the pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides to stop weeds in their tracks. We’ll also keep your lawn thick and healthy to help it choke out any stray weeds.


We can provide the nutrition your lawn needs, when it needs it. From early spring green-up to heavy, root-building treatments in the fall, we keep your grass healthy and looking great.

Insect Control- Organic Natural Lawn Care- MD & Northern VAGrub Proofing & Insect Control

Lawn insects don’t stand a chance. We monitor for pests and control surface insects. And if grubs move in, we have effective treatments available. Grubs are small, wormlike insects that live in the soil and feed on grass roots. They can destroy a lawn in a matter of days if left untreated. You should consider grub proofing your lawn as an insurance policy to protect your turf investment.

Corrective Lime Application

When soil is acidic (low pH), fertilizer gets “locked up” and grass plants have trouble absorbing it. We can help with an application of lime. Lime will raise the pH to a level that encourages good grass growth and better use of fertilizer.

Humate Soil Conditioning

Humate is a product that is mined from states like Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada. It is comprised of Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid, which have been is scientifically proved to improve the growth and root development in plants. It also fosters development of beneficial microbial species in your lawn.

For more information on lawn care services, please contact us today!

The service I have received is great and the people are very professional. I highly recommend them if you need work done and great prices call East Coast Lawn.
Daryl C.Silver Spring, MD